Getting Back to It

Well, it's been awhile, I'm rusty, but I'm going to try a little blogging again. 

Do people still read blogs? Admittedly, I don't. I miss them. I miss my morning routine of catching up on my favorite voices—whether they were writing about food and restaurants, home design, travel, New York City, Paris—while having some coffee and breakfast. 

Now, a combination of an open-air work environment, a non-stop work schedule and, um, a husband and child (!), and those days are history. I often feel culturally stunted, totally detached from how I used to live. But as much as I miss those days and routines, I'm happy with my new chapter in life.

Marriage and parenthood suit me. I'm happy and content. Yes, I'm also tired, out of shape, out of style, out of touch (geez, I didn't realize how out of it I am) but I can't complain. I met my man, had my girl, and am in love with both. I like my job, like my home, and we get out and about—whether to the Met, Bemelman's or Prospect Park, or to Denver, San Francisco, the Jersey Shore or Hudson Valley—whenever we can. I'm out of it, but not totally gonzo. It's a good life. Here are some of my favorite recent snapshots of it.