One Week In

The freelance life. I'm digging it. 

To be sure, it's been more the life of leisure than the freelance life this past week+ as I haven't really been working. But that's exactly what I was anticipating and hoping for. Just as much as I'm  planning on some projects coming in soon. 

It's been amazing. Starting with not having to set the alarm at night, and waking up whenever Parker wakes me in the morning. I've been drifting all around Brooklyn and Manhattan, visiting shops I've been curious about, doing errands and meeting people. I'm staking out all-day cafes, friendly hotel lobbies and other inspiring places to write. I've pitched a handful of articles. I've cooked and baked. I did Zumba! I submitted my taxes. This morning, I ironed some cloth napkins. Not that I want to spend my time ironing, but I can. That's the thing - I can do any of this, and more, because I finally have time, flexibility, and a little bit of scratch squirreled away exactly for this purpose. Hallelujah.