Call Me By Your Name

Between work and taking care of the peanut, it's very rare to get to the movies anymore. It usually happens only if I take a day off from work and go to a matinee - a rare treat that happens once, maybe twice a year.

I've been fried and under the weather these past few weeks. My dear aunt passed away and I took a day just for myself before traveling to the services. And... I went to a matinee—to Call Me By Your Name.

Despite being shocked and appalled that the ticket was $17.40 ($17.40!!), it was magic. This movie is what all movies should be: gorgeous, emotional, simple, complex, surprising and relatable. It's set in Italy, in the 80s, the Psychedelic Furs in heavy rotation. It's the summer - you can feel the hot sun, the listless days, the joy of careening around on a bicycle and meeting at swimming holes.

And it's a love story. First love. Forbidden love. Familial love. Gorgeous love.

The few times I have gotten to the movies this year, it's been a wonderful reminder of the joys of doing so. Of being so thoroughly absorbed in a story. Not distracted by anything in your home or on your phone. Of how film is an art that can really move and transport you.