Happy Anniversary, Brooklyn In Love

One year ago, I was in Hawaii for a photo shoot, while my book Brooklyn In Love was officially launched into the world. 

It’s the perfect illustration of the tricky business of having a day job and personal passion/side hustle. And a superfluous example of why I needed to leave that job. I had responsibilities to my employer and, meanwhile, the book I had spent years shaping, organizing, writing and editing– well, it would just have to wait a week until I was home to celebrate it. 

Now, like any other time when you reflect on a year, it seems like it was just yesterday and yet so long ago. So much has happened. I did leave that job and have been so content with my freelance life. I had an awesome year of travel: from Philly to Miami, Paris to Apsen, Nantucket to South Carolina. I got back in a great reading groove. I had lots of quality time with family and friends. Parker turned four, started PreK, and grew larger than imaginable inside my heart.

And as for this little book… well, despite the fact that it’s never really gained traction (never mind celebrating the book once all my work at the office was done—what I should have been doing was promoting it and pushing my publisher to do the same for months beforehand), I’m still proud of it. I still believe it has a lot of—if not important, relatable—stories and situations that women deal with. And I’m so happy to have captured the reality and love of coming to Andrew and having Parker. 

For all of you who have enjoyed the book—emailed to tell me, shared on social, reviewed on Amazon, bought for a friend, recommended to strangers—a million thanks. You’re the one who makes it all worth it.