Tea & Tattle Podcast

One of my favorite things about book launches is the opportunity to talk to people. That’s when you can share stories, ask questions, and have the chance to really connect. It’s when you discover a new fan with a mutual obsession with sweets, or you find out about someone’s niece who wants to be a writer and you get to share a couple pointers, or you get carried away with a handful of people, gushing about your favorite bakeries in Paris, feeling like you could all jump on a flight right then and there and have the best time together.

Podcasts are a little different – they’re more controlled and structured, but no less fun.

Case in point: Miranda Mills, who hosts the fabulous Tea & Tattle, just released her episode with me. It was wonderful reminiscing about Paris, talking about female friendships, and dishing on great places to eat in Brooklyn. Miranda regularly interviews all kinds of creative women—designers, photographers, journalists—digging into their passions and stories. I highly recommend it. It’s inspiring listening to these ladies.

I also did a really great podcast right before Brooklyn In Love launched: Book Talk with Kory French. Kory is also a great conversationalist and curious about his guests. I love the eclectic range of books and authors he selects, along with indie bands that he also features on every episode. 

I hope you enjoy the interviews. Better yet, subscribe to these great podcasts!