10 a.m. – Make Cookies


I’m making cookies. It’s 10:21 am. On a Thursday. And not just any old cookies – Farmhouse Inn Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies. Because… I can.

 Have a mentioned how much I love freelancing?

(I know, let’s catch up in a month or two when I see my tax situation…) But making cookies in the middle of a workday is a double dose of happiness. And yesterday was such a great day.

I finally signed up to do a little volunteer work and spent two hours sorting through baby clothes at Little Essentials. It’s a fantastic organization that I’ve donated to before. Now that I have a little time, I gave it. I’ve always loved sorting the peanut’s clothes—I still love doing her laundry. Getting to organize and fold teeny-tiny baby clothes in the name of volunteer work was a no brainer. I’m going back next week.

Before and after that, I had a few errands to run: drop off the composting, pick up a copy of my book, hit the post office and library. All done with ease, without rush.

Then, lunch with an old, dear friend. I was able to work to his schedule, which I think was a gift to both of us. We got to catch up and connect in that essential soul-satisfying way.  

Then I had an hour or so to myself, to work an write, at City Bakery. Poor me.

And the biggest boon was that earlier in the morning I had randomly texted a friend who, unbeknownst to me, has been laid up at home since the New Year with terrible back issues. She’s going in for surgery next week and was craving human contact. Which I was able to do! I went to Murray’s Cheese – another bonus midday, midweek pleasure without crowds or stress —to pick up some snacks and spent a little time with her. 

And the day wasn’t over yet. I then subwayed to Brooklyn for my biweekly writing workshop. I even got there early and got to paw some Deyrolle sweaters at Bird and check out the latest releases at Books Are Magic. There was a reading about to take place so it was filled with Brooklyn book nerds and hipsters, which reminded me of how happy I am to live in Brooklyn and how important it is to still get out and do things.

And then I went to my workshop and, after that, my adorable husband.

This, is my love letter to my freelance life.