16 things that made me happy or proud in 2016

From Connecticut to Houston to Buffalo, quality time with my family

Watching the peanut blossom into a thoughtful, smart, creative and caring little thing

Finishing my manuscript

Going to Duran Duran with my BFF

Plowing through a bit of writer’s block to finish my piece on the Hudson

A visit to Paris!

Shopping less

Reunions! With my mom and brother for a very rare weekend together, with my Babson girls, with my SF crew – so much fun all around

Lots of local travel

That my husband makes me feel warm and fuzzy and crazy lucky

Saving for the peanut’s college education

Having a supportive community surrounding me

That my body has been good to me all these years

Talking to culinary heroes like Will Guidera and Jonathan Waxman for my new book

Getting away solo with my husband for the first time in over two years

That I’ve gotten back to reading and finished the year with some great books (The Interestings,  A Free Life and The Nest among them)