Oh, hello

Well. Suffice it to say I’ve been errant. I’ve neglected this blog and site for the better part of the year. Happily, that is going to change.

First, my excuse. I started a job earlier this year that was a huge adjustment. It was demanding in both a practical and emotional sense, and I felt drained. For months. As time has passed, it’s gotten better. I’ve made some mental adjustments and created my own personal plan in order to feel more empowered and in control of my day-to-day life and my long-term career. (Which, PS,  is so important to do, even when you’re content with your current job and situation!)

In the meantime, the publication of Brooklyn In Love has been getting closer (2.5 months and counting!). It’s exciting to think about a whole new cycle of reading and publicity and connecting with fans and meeting new people. The whole process of publishing Paris, My Sweet was a thrill, and I hope this time around it’s just as fun and fulfilling.

So in short, a wee bit of ambition has finally returned. I’m hoping to get back in the editorial game. I’d love to return to more food and travel writing and also broaden my game, seeing as I now have a rich family life that I didn’t before. Plenty of fodder there, for sure. So stay tuned... and thanks for being the kind, patient souls you are. xo